On this page there is information on the keystrokes.

In the tab caption the quantity of the records in the table is specified in brackets. The data in the table are sorted by the time decrease (the latest information is at the top of the table). The table contains the following information: date and time of pressing the keys, the window caption and the full path to the program where the information was collected, as well as the user name. For scrolling over the table you can use both the mouse as well as arrow keys. In the text field under the table the information from the table on the given record for more convenient viewing as well as the keystrokes is displayed. You can change the ratio between the table height and the text field. For this you are to move the mouse cursor to the table and text field border (the cursor will change its type), hold the left mouse button and drag it up or down.

When viewing the key strokes can show only the characters without showing the pressed system keys which is more convenient. For example, if the following keys are pressed:


You can see the text

"It is Actual Keylogger software."

having checked the "Show only characters" option.