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[January 19, 2017]
Version 3.2 of key logger was released.
Now it is fully compatible with Windows 10.

[September 20, 2016]
Version 3.1 of key logger was released.
Now it is possible to set the interval of making screenshots in seconds.
Problems with computer restarts are fixed.

[March 11, 2016]
Version 3.0 of key logger was released.
Fully compatible with Windows 8.1
Now it is possible to send reports via FTP and a local area network.

[October 8, 2015]
Version 2.9 of key logger was released.
Now it is possible to log sites visited with the browsers FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

[February 6, 2015]
Version 2.8 of key logger was released.
Now it is possible to specify the port while sending a report by e-mail.
Now it is possible to send screenshots to a FTP server.
New Version is compatible with Windows 7.

[July 13, 2014]
Version 2.7 of key logger was released.
Now it is possible to send a report via e-mail without using an SMTP server. Bugs in work with a network printer are fixed.

[January 6, 2014]
Version 2.52 of key logger was released.
Now it is possible to record quantity of pages printed on the printer.

[August 8, 2013]
Version 2.4 of key logger was released.
Now it is possible to pause making screenshots if the system is idle

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I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your Actual Keylogger Software! Not only does it protect my privacy, it has many other handy uses. Yesterday I foolishly deleted the outline of my report just twenty minutes before the conference! Thanks to Actual Keylogger I quickly found the keystroke log and restored the transcript of my notes just in time. It's a great key logger. Strongly recommended.
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License agreement

  1. The software is shareware.

  2. The software is designed for hidden computer monitoring.

  3. The copyright belong only to its author.

  4. The author is not responsible for any damage or loss related to using or inability to use the program.

  5. Any person can use this copy of the product during the unlimited time period since the installation.

  6. The unregistered version limitations - no more than 40 minutes of monitoring duration.

  7. After registration the user is provided with the nonexclusive license for using the software in any legal purposes.

  8. One copy of the program can be installed and used on one computer.

  9. You are unable to emulate, design new versions, change, decompile, disassemble and study the product program code.

  10. The software being used otherwise than determined in the given license can be persecuted according to the law.

  11. The fact of the software installation and its use means your agreement with the license terms.

  12. If you disagree with the license terms you must remove the program files from your storage devices.

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